Dienstag, 21. Februar 2017

They Sleep We Live is done.

Before the fire goes out, we have to announce heartbroken, that we decided to dissolve and part ways with tswl.

In the time from August 2014 till our last show in January 2017, we had a wonderfull time. This band was always a collective of three and later four people, that shared an idea about making music, taking a stand considering certain points and shared the common passion towards a diy-based music-culture.
People and coherent dynamics are a stable challenge and we prefer to split up on good terms, before we are facing our own maquerade.

With this beeing sayed, our deepest gratitude goes out to our friends and families, Axel at Pike Records, Dave at Zegema Beach, Tim at Dingleberry, Melli and Peter at Koepfen Records, Arwith at Framecode Records, Dennis at Tief in Marcellos Schuld and Alex at Miss The Stars.

For sure we want to include Nick at Blood Of The Young as well, rest in peace forever.

Thank You Rodrigo, Vi Som Älskade Varandra Så Mycket, Piri Reis and every single Band we shared time with, Fiducia, Miss The Stars, Family Ulbrich and the Cry Me A River Fest, Claude and Coolsen Shows, as well as Else and everybody at Einfach Machen and everyone who took a note of what we do at all.

Sooner or later we'll release our last recorded song as final collective breath.

Nico, Dirk, Fabian & Jens.

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