Dienstag, 22. November 2016

- XV.XII.MMXVI - Escaping The Measures Of Time // Releaseannouncement

Our next release, "Escaping The Measures Of Time", will be released on the 15.12.2016.

"Empty Shells Broken Hearts" is the opening track. Get a listen with the attached video, which was done by our friend Henriette Brune, or follow the link to our bandcamppage, where you can stream the entire song.
Bandcamplink: http://bit.ly/2g1xkXo


We are thankfull to say, that following labels helped us making the release happen and available. Feel free to preorder your copy right here:

Pike Records

Dingleberry Records

Samegrey Records
Koepfen Records

Zegema Beach Records

Framecode Records

These four songs are our statement to a world that is unalienable connected to capitalism, exploitation and struggle. These four songs are a statement to a society that missed to learn from its own history and set increasing space for racism, anti-semitism and other uncountable faces of oppression. Further more we release these four songs as statement to a life, that gets measured in time, making you forget that you're alive and leaves you in doubts about your own existence.

"Escaping The Measures Of Time" will be available as coke-bottle colored one-sided 12inch vinyl and is limited to 300 copies. The b-side features a screenprint with artwork by Rodrigo Almanegra, who also designed the entire release.
Thanks to all involved people making this piece of handmade music happen. Thank you Axel, Rodrigo, Henriette, Fabian, Dave, Tim, Melli, Peter, Valik and Arwith.

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