Montag, 28. Dezember 2015

TSWL - 2016

hey everybody,
the year 2015 is drawing to an end and we wanna say thank you all for discovering us and take notice of what we create. We can't wait to finally hold that upcoming split 7inch in our hands, since it will be our first proper release.

The next year will fnally see our first liveappereances. We are happy to play our first shows and maybe a little tour during the summer. First confirmed shows are:

26.03. 2016 - Fiducia Fest MÜLHEIM a.d.R.
07.05. 2016 - Miss The Stars Fest BERLIN
25.06. 2016 - Cry Me A River Fest VERSMOLD

Beside these shows, a couple of weekender and single shows will follow.

We already booked a couple of days in the studio for July 2016 to record further material for a one-sided 12inch which will include about 20 Minutes of music by 4 Songs.

have a nice festive season,
jens, nico & dirk.

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